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Columbus, Ohio • The annual NAVSA conference will occur Oct 17-19, 2019


The 2019 organizers are excited to welcome literary scholars, historians, art historians, media scholars, and more to Columbus, Ohio. The keynote speakers will be film director Mike Leigh and historian Priya Satia.

Conference proposals might address any aspect of media, mediation, medium-ness, genus, or genre. Alternatively, participants might take the theme itself as generic: the conference is open-call on any topic conducive to a short presentation. Proposals may be traditional, or they may experiment with the genre of the conference session itself. Submit on any area of research, teaching, or project-building (collaborative, creative, and/or public) that would be of interest to Victorianist scholars.

Paper, panel, and roundtable proposals are due January 21, 2019. For more information, see the call for papers:

Please email with any questions.

Finally, a reminder that all delegates must be NAVSA members, in addition to paying conference registration costs, at the time of the Columbus conference. Please join or renew your NAVSA membership if necessary.

We look forward to seeing you all in October!

2019 Columbus, Ohio (Oct. 17-19)
2020 Vancouver, Canada (Nov. 11-15)
2021 Lehigh U
2022 Carleton U, Ottawa
2023 Indiana U (20th anniversary)

All conference attendees must be current members of NAVSA.

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