NAVSA Caucuses


NAVSA caucuses are created and maintained by members who wish to develop communities around particular fields or issues. Each caucus holds a meeting at the annual conference, and might organize other events such as panel proposals, listservs, and reading groups. If you are interested in creating a caucus, please contact NAVSA’s VP, Dennis Denisoff ( If you are interested in joining an existing caucus, please contact the caucus representative listed below.


Nineteenth-Century Theatre Caucus
Caucus Representative: Sharon Aronofsky Weltman,

Mission Statement

The 19th-Century Theatre Caucus (19CTC) is a research network of scholars working on nineteenth-century theater, drama, spectacle, exhibition, and performance of all kinds.  This includes not only Victorian theatrical entertainments and their embodied performance but also connections between theater and other arts, between drama and other literary forms. We cultivate work on theatricality, performativity, adaptation, the melodramatic mode, etc. in a variety of genres, examining all of this in relation to broad questions of culture.

We met officially for the first time at the Pasadena NAVSA in 2013 to address the paucity of papers and panels on theater, drama, or performance.  At the Hawaii NAVSA in 2015, we expanded our mandate to include sponsoring actual performances (which are a form of research), culminating in the marvelous staged reading with piano accompaniment of John Brougham's 1849 Jane Eyre in Phoenix, 2016. We will continue producing such events at NAVSA and elsewhere.

But our primary function remains fostering communication, forming 19th-century theater-related panels, encouraging individual paper submissions, organizing symposia, promoting publication, supporting one another's work, sharing resources, networking, and having fun. We created the caucus to boost the inclusion of theater/drama/performance panels at nineteenth-century conferences and of nineteenth-century panels at theater conferences.


Vcologies Caucus
Caucus Representative: Deanna Kreisel,

Mission Statement

Vcologies is an interdisciplinary, international working group of scholars of the nineteenth century committed to ecocritical approaches in the humanities. Our working assumption is that the humanities disciplines have crucial contributions to make toward the struggle for environmental justice.

Our work is guided by the following broad inquiries:

  1. How did concepts such as extinction, biodiversity, and ecology emerge from and shape nineteenth-century literature, science, and culture?
  1. What do histories of the nineteenth century—the period of both rapid industrialization and imperial expansion—have to contribute to the shaping of environmental narratives today?
  1. What are the implications of writing environmental histories in the way that we do?
  1. Can we imagine new forms of action consonant with our political moment building from nineteenth-century initiatives?


Teaching Universities Caucus

Caucus Representative: Kyoko Takanashi,

Mission Statement

The Teaching University Caucus works as an advocacy group and networking hub for Victorian studies faculty at teaching-intensive institutions.  We support each other in maintaining robust research agendas while working under various institutional constraints and larger teaching loads, create opportunities to discuss teaching and pedagogy of Victorian interest, and facilitate intellectual exchange and professionalization for current as well as prospective teaching university faculty.