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Scroll down for the Banff conference (16-18 November 2017;—next CFP deadline is for Banff (due Jan. 15, 2017) • The annual NAVSA conference will be in Banff, Canada; a supernumerary conference will occur in Florence, Italy, 17-20 May 2017

Supernumerary Conference: Florence, Italy, 17-20 May 2017

The supernumerary NYU/Purdue U NAVSA/AVSA conference in Florence, Italy will occur at Sir Harold Acton's La Pietra. It will include a plenary lecture by Garrett Stewart, James O. Freedman Professor of Letters at the University of Iowa, as well as “material culture” workshops led by scholars largely on Florence and aspects of the La Pietra collection. Workshop leaders include: Francesca Baldry (NYU, La Pietra), Dorothea Barrett (NYU, La Pietra), Cristina Bellini (NYU, La Pietra), Alison Chapman (U Victoria), Margherita Ciacci (NYU, La Pietra), Jay Clayton (Vanderbilt), Dino Franco Felluga (Purdue), Hilary Fraser (Birkbeck), Jessamyn Hatcher (NYU), Leah Price (Harvard), Jonah Siegel (Rutgers), and Garrett Stewart (U Iowa).

In advance of the conference, Dino Franco Felluga and Catherine Robson will run a Professionalization Workshop for graduate students, like the one run successfully at the 2013 NAVSA/BAVS/AVSA conference in Venice, Italy. The lead organizers of the conference are Dino Franco Felluga (Purdue) and Catherine Robson (NYU). You can find more information here:

Questions can be directed to

Annual Conference: Banff, Alberta Canada, 16-18 November 2017 (

The 2017 NAVSA annual conference will be held from November 16-18 at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff National Park, Alberta. Established in 1885, Banff National Park is Canada's first national park and encompasses 6,641 km2 of jaw-dropping mountain landscapes, pristine wilderness, and abundant wildlife. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff is easily accessible and chock-full of exciting activities and cultural events.

The theme, ”Victorian Preserves,” asks: What did the Victorians preserve, transform or conserve? How were spaces & objects, forms, energy & capital, practices and lives, set aside for regulation, exploitation, study, emulation, or posterity and why? Keynote speakers include Coll Thrush, Professor of History, University of British Columbia, and Elizabeth Carolyn Miller, Professor of English, from University of California, Davis.

The CFP deadline is January 15, 2017. Further information on how and where to submit can be found at

Questions can be directed to:

2017 Florence, Italy (supernumerary, jointly with AVSA, May 17-20)
2017 Banff, Canada (Nov. 16-19)
2018 St. Petersburg, Florida (Oct. 11-14)
2019 Columbus, Ohio
2020 Vancouver, Canada

All conference attendees must be current members of NAVSA.

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